Katy Perry Discusses Nails, ‘Playboy’ And Key Of Awesome For YouTube

Over-tanned, buxom and gold-digging ladies of Hollywood (surely there are one or two out there?), according to Katy Perry, her inescapable summer jam “Calforina Gurls” is not about you. When shown Key Of Awesome’s parody of her hit video during an interview with YouTube, Perry pointed out, “I don’t really like those L.A. girls—because I’m not really talking about Hollywood girls in ‘California Gurls’, ’cause those are fake bitches.” She also takes about five  minutes to explain the concept of her whipped cream boobs from the vid. (Hey—this is complex stuff.) Watch below!

And sorry to all the gents who’ve been holding out for the colorful singer to strip off for the pages of Playboy. Says Perry, “I would probably say no, because I think…that’s showing all your cards. And, like, I always want to keep a couple aces up my sleeve. And plus I think it’s a fine line to tease and then to just give it away, and I like to be considered more of the tease.”

What’s interesting is that My Music Thing noted two weeks ago that the amount of questions (then it was 13,212) submitted to Katy Perry for her YouTube Moderator interview was more than was submitted for a similar Q&A platform with President Barack Obama (11,696) earlier this year. Lisa Nova, who presented the questions to Perry, pointed out that over 20,000 queries came in when all was said and done.

The current state of the country vs. the current state of dairy products flying out of Katy Perry’s bra? As if there was even a contest…