Nelly Has Got Us “Tippin’ In The Club”

It’d be easy to write off Nelly’s “Tippin’ In The Club”, the lead single from his upcoming album Nelly 5.0. The rapper hasn’t had what you’d call a hit since 2005′s “Grillz”, and on the surface, the dance jam sounds like just another club-thumper in a summer full of them. But the beat is damn catchy, the track’s overall energy is on fire, and we find ourselves singing along to the chorus after just one listen. Nelly! Where ya been? Glad to have ya back! Listen to “Tippin’ In The Club” below.

Nelly – “Tippin’ In The Club”

We’re totally ready for Nelly to come back into our lives and back on our iPod playlists. What do you guys think of “Tippin’ In The Club”?

Nelly 5.0 drops September 21, and features guest artists such as Kelly Rowland, Usher, Diddy and Janet Jackson.


  • Brandon Hall

    Nelly has always been my favorite male rapper his songs and sound has always been different from what the other rappers were doing he could rap the same exact song as someone else but it would sound completely different from Nelly.

    Im liking this song this could definitely be the comeback single he needs and Im definitely ready for Nelly to rule the airwaves and playlists again.

    Then again I just dont know whats going on anymore. Lets face it Christina Aguilera’s Bionic is by far one of the best pop albums in the last 5 years yet the album is a commercial “disappointment” to put it lightly , Not Myself Tonight may very well be the weakest song on the album but even still people didn’t give her a chance mostly based off of being so warped up in one or two other artists. e

    Even if Nelly’s album turns out to be infinitely better than any other rap album this year with the best rap songs it still might not be enough to open the ears of the increasing incredibly closed minded American market.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • doble frijol

    Brandon Hall,

    I completely agree with you!

    When will the rest of America stop letting the industry spoon-feed them crappy songs?

  • phoenix

    finally real hip hop. hes back!