‘So You Think You Can Dance’: The Best And Worst Dances From The Top 6

Jul 29th, 2010 // 2 Comments

We were so excited to finally announce that the Season 7 curse had been lifted, and then Cat Deeley end of last night’s show by informing us at the  that the lone female contender, Lauren Froderman, was with the medics. Seriously, who has a Brady Bunch tiki idol backstage? Get rid of it!  Putting aside Lauren’s set back for a moment, we’re proud to say that last night really belonged to Billy Bell. Click below to see the best and worst moments from Wednesday’s show. Which two of our remaining six dancers will be going home tonight?
THE BEST: Billy Bell and All-Star Ade give life to this moving Stacey Tookey contemporary routine to the song “Mad World”.

RUNNER UP: Billy Bell (again!) and Robert‘s Bollywood routine. Robert nailed this. Guest judge Toni Redpath compared him to a big juicy hamburger and it seemed like she wanted to take a bite.

THE WORST: Jose and All-Star Comfort‘s Hip Hop routine to Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness” (choreographed by Marty Kudelka)

Mia Michaels told Jose that he had no swag in this dance. Seriously. John Cryer in Pretty In Pink had more swag dancing for Molly Ringwald to this song than Jose did.

THE RUNNER UP: Lauren Froderman and All-Star Allison‘s Broadway Routine to “Who’s Got The Pain” from Damn Yankees (choreographed by Tyce Diorio).

Why would this routine land in our bottom pile when Lauren in Allison danced the heck out of it? The reasons have nothing to do with Lauren and Allison, it’s simply that this dance made no lasting impression on us. Just when we were about to take bad all the bad things we had ever said about Nigel bringing back the All-Stars, wer’re presented with a routine that pairs two similarly built blondes in identical outfits dancing together. And when Nigel said he felt like he was already considering Lauren an All-Star, we had to wonder if it had something to do with the fact his brain couldn’t separate these dancers.
Our real problem: the music and the costuming. It was not too long ago that we were given another routine from the musical Damn Yankees, “Shoeless Joe From Hannibal, Mo” performed in baseball attire by Kent and All-Star Neil. To see another routine from the same musical—with the female version of a baseball uniform, washed away any excitement we would have had at these two powerful female dancers owning the stage. It felt like we’d just seen this routine. Of course, you have to keep in mind that Tyce has a hard time doing anything Broadway that isn’t from a Fosse musical so that narrows his selection down considerably.
The QUOTE OF THE NIGHT belonged to Mia Michaels when she told Kent of his Cha Cha, “The whole piece was a little crunchy.”

WHICH TWO DANCERS WILL BE GOING HOME TONIGHT? Sources are saying that Lauren suffered dehydration, others are claiming she had a concussion. We hope she can pull through. We doubt that the judges will send their remaining girl (and one of their best dancers) home tonight. Especially, after Lauren performed so perfectly that the judges had no critiques whatsoever. Nigel has already hinted that this might be Jose’s last week, but that he will be joining the SYTYCD tour. So if Jose is taking one slot who will be leaving with him? Billy Bell earned praise last night and the judges were glad they didn’t eliminate him last week, but he could still end up in the bottom three? What were your favorite dances from last night? Comment at us below.

  1. Katherine

    I’m astounded that week after week Robert is lauded as a great dancer. He’s an OK dancer. His moves are mundane and has anyone noticed how stiff he is during lifts with a female partner? He’s neither athletic nor fluid, and his solos are repetitive.

    And he’s had some serious PR coaching. Suddenly the mugging stopped and he became “sincere.” Tears even. Contained. Unfortunately his mediocrity can not be coached away.

    Bell is a trained dancer, technically beautiful, fluid and with grace, but there is a disconnect somewhere. Kent came out of the egg a Broadway boy. Lauren is a workhorse, an obedient learner but…..I don’t feel a surge or moved by anything she brings to the stage.

    Alex Wong was wonder boy, but gone. What a star!

    Who should win? Adecheke! Power, grace, exquisite form. A man for all seasons and more.

  2. I think Adecheke is technically wonderful, but being perfect seems to take up all his focus and he’s unable to lose himself in the flow of the dance.

    My intuition says that Lauren will win, although I’ve enjoyed Billy’s and Kent’s performances more than any of the other dancers.

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