Soulja Boy Is Celebrating The “First Day Of School” In New Track

Soulja Boy Tell’em—who turned the ripe old age of 20 years old this week—shows off his swagger (and some serious bling) in a brand new MTV photoshoot, featured over on the Buzzworthy blog. According to that huge chunk of jewelry sitting on Soulja’s wrist, he certainly knows what time it almost is—time to head back to school! Listen to the heavily inked rapper’s new track “First Day Of School” from his upcoming The DeAndre Way by jumping below.

Soulja Boy – “First Day Of School”

“Bet I dress everyday like it’s the first day of school,” rasps out the rapper on this piano-aided hip hop track. He should bookend his album with a song called “Last Day of School”, yes? And maybe he could add a vocalist who can actually sing to tackle the chorus while he sticks to the verses? We can only hope.

Check out MTV Buzzworthy for more pics of Soulja Boy rockin’ some serious and silly million-dollar poses. (We’re not kidding—that massive watch alone looks like it cost a fortune.)