David Archuleta: “Sometimes I Think People Have Forgotten About Me”

David Archuleta posted a new video blog today, where he talks about some of the songwriters he’s been working with for upcoming album The Other Side Of Down (Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins, Steve Diamond). He also seems a bit stressed when discussing the progress of his music video for “Something ‘Bout Love,” and later admits, “Sometimes you feel like, I think people have forgotten about me or something.” Aww, chin up, Archie—take a relaxing day or two off. In the meantime, we’ll watch your video blog after the jump.

“I’m just real excited for you guys to get to see the video,” Archuleta says. “Everything seems like it’s a challenge. Everything needs to be a little bit difficult and a little challenging before it can come together.”

David mentions that he’s up for two Teen Choice Awards in the clip—Most Fanatic Fans and Favorite American Idol Alum. You can brighten his day up by voting for him here. The awards ceremony will be broadcast on Fox on Monday, August 9.

Archuleta’s album The Other Side Of Down is scheduled to be released September 14. Better get those songs recorded though, Archie, if you want to keep that date.

  • Kaylee

    If the way David sounded is down, I wonder if I’ve ever been up! Loved this vlog full of chuckles. Love David and could never forget him.

  • djafan

    Interesting…stressed …chin up….did you watch the video? And the title of this taken out of context….gosh I hope I’m as down as David on my happiest day.

    Best vlog by the best singer/songwriter/author out there.

    • Robbie Daw

      Hey djafan, I did indeed watch the video. He just seemed a bit down, but as he himself said, he kind of rambled in this vlog. No offense meant :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Becca-Pardo/1412320033 Becca Pardo

    hmm, I didn’t get that vibe, maybe stress about the video shoot. But mostly happy go lucky and boy lots of random thoughts, which I love. Love his personality. and of course that golden voice. his looks are just icing on the cake. haha

    Thanks for posting. Always enjoy your post

  • LaLiliana

    David is looking mighty fine these days and more mature, too. It’s making me wonder even more about the video and the upcoming album “The Other Side of Down”. I am way excited about hearing his new music and am giddy with anticipation of his touring this fall/winter.

    If David thinks we could forget him, he is so wrong. So very wrong. He is a whole lotta love to just take lightly. Oh no. We will be seeing David perform live. He is an experience not to be missed.

  • LAmusicfan

    The title of the album is a downer. The stress is on the word ‘down’ thereby the energy is actually goin downwards. It could have been “Steppin’ UP” or “Imma step-UP” Next step–UP! etc… just sayin’

  • Ashley

    We could never forget about David <33333333333

  • Ashley

    I like the title of the album. It’s different, just like David. He seems to like putting his own twist on things ;)

  • violet4ever

    I love David. And I love this vlog. I love the long rambling ones because he’s so natural and you really get to see his personality. The couple of times he yelled Wait cracked me up because he’s recording himself haha. I can’t wait to see the video and I preordered his Deluxe CD/DVD in the shop at his official site. There’s also a plain CD and a fancy fan bundle with box and some photos, one hand-initialed by David. The preorders all include an instant download of his new single :) BTW all – David is having a few appearances soon so check the fan site calendars. Nothing near me but maybe there will be something near you.