Ne-Yo Performs “Beautiful Monster” On ‘GMTV’ As A Ventriloquist

Ne-Yo has apparently decided that he’s sung “Beautiful Monster” quite enough times already, he isn’t going to sing it anymore. Either the R&B singer wanted to save his voice or his dance moves needed his full attention, but he spent the majority of his appearance on GMTV letting a recorded track do all the vocal work. After the jump, catch the R&B star barely even pretending to lip-sync “Beautiful Monster.”

Ne-Yo – “Beautiful Monster” (Live)

We’ll give him this—the guy can really dance. But why spend so much of the performance letting a recorded track of your vocals hog the spotlight? And what’s the point in even holding a microphone if you can’t be bothered to move your mouth in time to the song?

Ne-Yo’s upcoming album Libra Scale drops this September.

  • Trina

    This wasn’t a bad performance. I think he wants to lip sync like Michael Jackson did when he was dancing a lot. But the only difference is when Michael was finished dancing he would shut everything down and start singing acapella just to let you know who’s really bad!

  • Upwithdisco

    He is obviously singing this. He only not sings at the chorus, which is where he performs his most rigorous of dance steps. But of course, that’s not meant to be hidden. This is a desperate article, for a regular performance. & by regular I mean brilliant.

  • Victor Atomic

    I’m not a huge fan of all Ne-Yo’s music but I have to say this is a really good performance. The dancing was spot on and his singing was 10 times better then many male singers as of late. I was not a fan of this new single but this live version grew on me within the first min.

    Side note…why all the hate from Becky who wrote this post? Am I the only one who’s noticed the one sided reviews from this person? The above video was a Performance that was spot on … pity how some people wont go beyond the box.

    • Becky Bain

      I said he was a great dancer, and he is. He can sing, too! But he basically stopped singing altogether (or even pretending to mouth the words) for more than half the song in order to focus on his dance moves. Clearly I was looking for something else in this performance; to each his own.