Ke$ha’s “Take It Off” Video Is A Dionysian Orgy Of Glitter

In Ke$ha’s music video for fourth Animal single “Take It Off,” the laser harp-playing minx rounds up a gaggle of scruffy looking ladies and gents at some fleabag motel for a group romp. Eventually they all end up in the establishment’s drained swimming pool, exploding into sparkly clouds of  disco glitter. Skanky? Yes. Do we wish we could score an invite to a Ke$ha party? Well, okay—hell yes. Watch the Paul Hunter and Dori Oskowitz-directed video below.

It’s kind of like an American Apparel ad on ecstasy. Wonder if they tipped housekeeping when they checked out?

A couple weeks back, Ke$ha explained the intricate concept behind the “Take It Off” video to MTV. “It’s my favorite video, I think, ever, that I’ve done because I get to get really dirty in glitter sand, and we all get naked because we’re just, like, taking it all off,” said the highly-downloaded singer.

“Take It Off” was produced by Dr. Luke—pretty much like every other hit this year.

  • Accrehab

    She looks gorgeous here.
    But the video is kinda boring. I’m disappointed.
    Hard to say wether this song will do well on chart…

    Anyway, I love her

  • joely

    This looks very low-budget. And that bratty-white-girl trying to sound street crap is just TIRED.

  • dougrad

    i agree, but sadly, i think she’ll be around for longer than we all hope. these days, all you have to be is a super-hot girl using auto-tune if you want to make it big in today’s pop music industry.

  • LMG

    had no idea that this song was hers! So bad…so so bad


    I really wish people would quit buying her music so she’d disappear into oblivion! What a sorry excuse for music this video is! (I guess she’s trying to imitate Madonna & Lady Gaga!) What’s happened to the music world? Sad, sad, sad!

  • http://Myspace Sam

    Okk i think ke$ha looks really pretty in this video!!1st ke$ha iz not copying lady gaga,gaga iz all about monsters and fashion,k$ is all about animals and partying and gaga doesnt wear feathers and ke$ha’s music is more pop-rock,gaga is more pop-electro!!Their both 2 unique people.