Kelly Clarkson Gets “Lost” On A New Track

The latest in the never-ending line of as-yet unreleased Kelly Clarkson songs to pop up on the Internet is the misty piano ballad “Lost.” Like the majority of the material that’s surfaced in recent months from the First Lady of American Idol, the track sounds like a demo in need of some polishing. Listen below!

[wpaudio url="" text="Kelly Clarkson - Lost" dl="0"]

“Nowhere to go, walking alone, without your love I have no home,” Kelly laments on “Lost.” And really, it’s not so much the verses that seem to be lacking—they’ve got all the hallmark characteristics of a weepy Clarkson classic. Rather, it’s just those same chords that are repeated over and over throughout the song that seem to grate.

Again, it’s probably safe to assume this is a rough demo. But if this is indeed the final version of a track that appears on Clarkson’s next album, well—let’s just say this one might get “lost” on the way to the iPod.

  • Anne Chantal

    A source back would be nice since I sent you the tracks.

    • Robbie Daw

      Hi Anne, this track did not come from you. Thanks.

  • Anne Chantal

    Then you must have stolen it from Top Idol since it was sent to them first, along with other exlusive tracks. You’re a stealer, there’s proof – including Twitter DM’s that were sent to you.

  • Anne Chantal

    Direct message proof

  • Anne Chantal

    Note YESTERDAY’S date on the DM, Idolator.

  • Anne Chantal

    Everyone feel free to listen to the tracks on sites that didn’t STEAL them, but were SENT them: TopIdolBlog .com (a google search will find you the site) or CelebXclusives.wordpress . com

    • Robbie Daw

      Nope, no stealing from those sites. If you did send it, I wasn’t aware. But thanks anyway.

  • Anne Chantal

    Then whoever sent them to you (which I fail to believe) stole them from those sites. Plain and simple.

  • Mario Villa-Gomez

    The big picture above this…. is it new? Cause hahah i LOVE IT! it fits this song perfectly :D

    True though, this song could use a touch up :) but i still love it :D…..
    This looks like shes gettting ready for another videoooooo!! X) can’t wait for her new album and videos, awards, and future :)

  • Michael

    LOL @ Anne for demanding credit for a stolen track. Now that’s comedic. It’s also sad. Very, very sad.

  • Steve

    haha @anne!

    See Idolator, you were warned before about her, now she’s pressed she’s not getting credit for stolen tracks. That’s hilarious.

    The track is obviously not finished, as it doesn’t seem like any of them have been, but it’s not bad. I bet with some more production it could be something. Doesn’t much matter, I doubt any of STOLEN songs will end up on her new cd anyways.

  • Shaun


    Why do you want credit for the STOLEN tracks?

    Dumb bitch. Just go ahead and out yourself.

  • chris

    I live for Kelly Clarkson. I cannot wait until her new album comes out! It is pissing me off that someone keeps ripping off her tracks. I hope her new album doesn’t leak like last time. It makes me sick that people are doing this. No wonder the music business is suffering.

  • Anne Chantal

    No one’s demanding credit. I’m simply stating that Idolator STOLE these tracks from ELSEWHERE.

  • Wu

    And where did you happen to come across those songs that you shared Anne?

  • Steve

    @ anne

    Yes you were demanding credit. remember your first post?

    “Posted at 11:42am… A source back would be nice since I sent you the tracks.”

    a source back is credit you idiot. Careful what you wish for.

  • Anne Chantal

    A source to WHERE they came from. Not to ME. Because Idolator knows very well they took them off another site.

  • Anne Chantal

    Wu, they were originally posted on TopIdol.

  • Jeebus

    It’s not a bit surprising that AnneChantal happens to be that troll that sent you this STOLEN UNFINISHED DEMO. The troll doesn’t have a decent or civilized bone in her trolling body. This song was STOLEN and It appears the RCA has been tracking down people that are spreading these stolen tracks (that would be you) and there are law suits planned.

  • crystal

    anne needs to stop stealing and leaking and get a life she is obssessed with kelly and it is unhealthy

  • Anne Chantal

    Jeebus and Crystal, clearly you missed Robbie’s comment that stated I DIDN’T send it. All I’m saying is Idolator took it off another site.

  • thisgirl

    @ Anne You are absolutely deluded and rediculous! You just denied sending the track, after you asked for credit for sending it. I like finding out what is going on with Kelly because I am a fan. Everytime I go to look at comments, never fails, there you are….spreading your poison. You really need to take a hard look inside of yourself. You seem to have issues with stalking and stealing.

  • psj8409

    Who cares who sent it or STOLE it. The tracks were STOLEN in the first place from Kelly’s computer/email!!!! Therefore, ANYONE who sends them to ANY PLACE is sending STOLEN material from an artist’s personal property. I’m not sure I’d really want credit attached to my name for that. Could just be me though. Idolator has been warned before…don’t feel sorry for them at all.

  • swimmer


  • swimmer

    And Annechantal you need serious help. Where’s Dr. Phil when you need him?

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    Actually I like Kelly Clarkson especially in the new album..Hope to see more and music about love by Kelly Clarkson

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