Listen To La Roux’s Rolling Stones Cover “Under My Thumb”

La Roux has been performing their magnificent cover of “Under My Thumb” during their live shows for awhile now—finally the Brit band stepped inside the studio to record a master version of their take on the Rolling Stones song for their compilation Sidetracked. Take the jump to give it a listen, but stay for Elly Jackson’s interview with Walmart Soundcheck’s Risers, where she discusses touring in the U.S. and her unintentional homage to David Bowie’s style.

La Roux – “Under My Thumb” (Rolling Stones cover)

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”La Roux – Under My Thumb” dl=”0″]Sidetracked is a collection of songs from bands (like Tears For Fears and Heaven 17) that have inspired La Roux—think of it as a celebrity iTunes playlist of sorts. “Under My Thumb” is the one new song by the band on the album, which is both a good thing (we love it) and a disappointing thing (we want more new La Roux tunes!).

Elly Jackson sat her pomp-mo (that would be “pompadour mohawk”) down with Walmart Soundcheck for a spell to discuss what it’s been like spreading her music here in the States. And so far, so good! “That’s how you know the success of what you’re doing, if you come back and play bigger venues.”

Elly continues, discussing how her fascination with David Bowie’s androgynous, ultra-glam style only sparked up, believe it or not, in the last two years. “The style is something that developed very slowly,” Elly says. “My style was always different to the people I hung around with, it was a lot more boyish and more throwaway. I went through my stupid 80s phase of just wearing things that were ridiculously graphic and brightly colored.”

Check out more of Elly’s interview, as well a performance as red hot as her hair, over at Walmart Soundcheck.