Listen To Taylor Swift’s New Single “Mine”

Back in May, MTV asked Taylor Swift about the theme of her upcoming LP. “What do you think? Boys and love,” she replied matter-of-factly. And she wasn’t lying. Head below to have a listen to “Mine,” the lovey-dovey first single off Swift’s upcoming third album Speak Now (due out October 25).

[wpaudio url="" text="Taylor Swift - Mine" dl="0"]

Taylor wrote “Mine” and co-produced it with Nathan Chapman. And we’ll say this about the 20-year-old Grammy winner—she knows how to tap into nervous young adult angst over first love and still make your feet shuffle around while hearing about it.

That said, we can’t help feeling that, both musically and thematically, we’ve heard this song and dance before from Swift. We get it—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But hopefully there are more tracks like “Fifteen” on Speak Now to go along with all the “Love Story” sound-alikes.

What do you think—are you excited about Taylor’s first single from her new album? Or were you expecting something a bit different this time around?

UPDATE: If you’re ready to see Taylor in a wedding dress, check out the official music video.

  • Del

    She knows how to arrange d lyrics, rythm and d excitement at the same time. totally talented! SHe’s AWESOME!!!!

  • Kay

    AHHHH this songg is amazingg!! LOVE ITTT <3 taylor is the bestt!

  • Michael

    It sounds like the last 50 songs she released.
    Has she been around for 300 years? Feels like it.
    We were duped.

  • michael

    lov’nn thee song :) koolio dude!!!!uu did good taylor keep it up forget bout’ thee hataz out there :) GOOD JOB!!!!!!!this song helped

  • Mikey

    this is the cutest song ive ever heard i swear! i want it!!

  • mollie.

    omg. i love this song! Taylor is amazing. <3 :) I know all the words. :)

  • shay

    u got that right haha

  • shay

    @ Michael-
    haha ur so right all her sounds sound the same its stupid

  • Jordan

    Ahh, when’s the music video come out??? i cant wait!(:

  • bridgette

    what is the name of the song?

  • Sarah

    I really like the lyrics of this song. I feel like I can relate to most of the songs she writes, as can a million others I’m sure. Her sound is pretty constant in all of her albums. On one hand that is a good thing, on the other it makes for something a little dreary. Fans want something exciting and something they haven’t heard from her before. They want her to be bold and have something new.

  • Annalieze

    Omg i <3 the lyrics! i expected this 2 be amazing cuz all of her songs are.This is definetly amazing! taylor swift is so talented!

  • Patricia

    Wow! Nice song :) I admire Taylor for standing up to Kanye and not saying anything bad about him. I love Beyonce for giving up her moment for Taylor to finish hers. I hope Taylor has or will have a collaboration with Beyonce :D Both are extremely talented, beautiful, strong and kind women. More power to both ladies. Love from the Philippines! >:D<

  • Mikes Sumondong

    I love her as in much much much!

  • Mikes Sumondong

    I love her as in much much much! Keep up the good work Taylor!

  • http://Noone. Jaymi

    @Janice Nuh uh youu liar.

  • lady gaga

    Check out my name to make this video seem bad. Gaga is in her prime and she is letting you see it all. We just upload our pictures of the last concert too. Can you say see through.

  • iluvtaylorswift

    THIS SONG IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD! all you haters are bein stupid cuz if you hate her get outta here and stop listening to her. Taylor is such a sweet talented and pretty girl! she’s one of the only remaining “good girls” left in the industry. i hate how all other celebrities feel the need to put sexual and violent content in there songs and music videos but thats not what taylor does. her songs are perfect for teenage girls who want to dream

  • alexis

    this song is like my fave song!!!! taylor swift is so amazing and pretty i envy her!

  • Aly

    I LOVE this song! It iz awsome!

  • Aly


  • Meloney

    which song there is two of them

  • http://.com morgan

    Awsome gril

  • lorinove321

    i love tay