Kanye West’s Twitter Has Become Pop Culture’s New Muse

If we knew how much creative madness would come from Kanye West simply signing up for Twitter, we would have encouraged the prolific BLOGGER to start tweeting ages ago.

In one week’s time, @kanyewest have inspired faux-New Yorker cartoons, a trending topic dedicated to predicting what he’ll say next, and now @budgetkanyewest, a Twitter feed parody of West-esque status updates if ‘Ye didn’t have $87,000 to spend per week. (Sample tweet: “just got off the subway!!! PICTURES SOON.”)

MTV Buzzworthy, on the #predictingkanyetweets bandwagon, has guesstimated the five tweets Kanye will inevitably make during his tenure on the social networking site. On Thanksgiving Day, the chances of Kanye tweeting “I just ate a turkey stuffed with a lobster and the lobster was rocking a Audemars Piguet watch! I love America!” is pretty high. And hilarious. Although any prediction that anyone has come up with so far, including West’s comedy bud Aziz Ansari, is not quite as funny as what Kanye is actually tweeting himself:

Picture 2