Janelle Monae Breaks Down In Tears In Her “Cold War” Video

After going for a few laughs with her Will Ferrell duet at the ESPYs last month, Janelle Monae offers up her highly emotional music video for “Cold War.” The clip, directed by Wendy Morgan, features Monae from the shoulders up, during one continuous take. By the 1:42 mark, after singing the line “I was made to believe there’s something wrong with me,” Janelle begins to lose her composure and eventually tears start to flow. Watch “Cold War” after the jump.

Once again Janelle reaffirms the fact that she’s one of the more unique, if not daring, artists out there at the moment.

Monae recently spoke to Rap-Up.com about the video for her second ArchAndroid single—particularly the tears that flowed. “I didn’t know how that happened but it just did. I was very moved by that,” she said. “It was really a special moment; then everybody else started to cry.”

“Cold War” is indeed a moving clip. And it’s one that kind of has us flashing back 20 years to this: