Chris Brown, T.I. And Keri Hilson Perform At The ‘Takers’ Premiere

The benefit to having two recording artists starring in a movie together? They can perform at the premiere. Both Chris Brown and T.I. put on mini shows for the crowd at last night’s Hollywood unveiling of Takers. (Their gigs were also broadcast on Ustream.) Breezy busted out a 20-minute set of his recent tunes while showing off his best dance moves. He wrapped things up with crowd pleaser “Forever.” Meanwhile, newly-hitched T.I. did—what else?—his Takers theme song “Yeah Ya Know,” and brought out Keri Hilson for their hit “Got Your Back.”

T.I. performs “Yeah Ya Know (Takers)” and “Got Your Back” (with Keri Hilson).

Chris Brown does “Wall To Wall,” “Deuces,” “No Bullshit” and “Forever.” (There seems to be major sound issues with the latter.)

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