David Archuleta Walks The Long Road In His “Something ‘Bout Love” Vid

David Archuleta takes his message of being set free by amore to the streets in his “Something ‘Bout Love” music video. Teen Choice nominee Archie appears as a lonely wanderer who happens upon various scenes of people in need of a helping hand in the clip. But c’mon, this is a David Archuleta video—of course everyone ends up smiling at a big confetti-strewn street party in the end! Watch after the jump. (Your broken heart will thank you.)

Archie expressed a bit of (adorably) nervous excitement while preparing to release his new vid to his fans. “Everything seems like it’s a challenge,” he said in a recent video blog. “Everything needs to be a little bit difficult and a little challenging before it can come together.”

And it all did. So check it out:

“Something ‘Bout Love,” which is available on iTunes now, is the first single from Archuleta’s upcoming The Other Side Of Down. The album was recently pushed back from its original release date of September 14—a day already crowded with new LPs—to October 5.

  • Nancy

    I love this video and David Archuleta has grown up ….WOW, looking good young man!

  • jazzy

    David is sooo hot in this video!!!!!!!

  • Taryn

    Love it! I can’t wait to buy it on iTunes so I can play it on repeat and on my big screen. :)

  • djafan

    I love this song, the video and David looking very mature.

  • VickyNashville

    Ummm….it’s not available now on iTunes is it? Word from David’s camp is that it won’t be out until Tuesday. Gosh! Don’t get me all excited like that! :-) I abso-freakin love, love, L O V E this video. I can’t even watch it without smiling!

  • VickyNashville

    oh wait, you meant the song… NEVER MIND… I’m a LITTLE distracted today by the video.

  • VJ

    Love David, love the song, love the video! David is gorgeous!

  • LaLiliana

    Love this song and the shots of David in the video and his eyes ……love those eyes!



  • Stacy Z

    Omg. His mouth is sexxxxy

  • lili

    good song, good video

  • SRH

    FANTASTIC song…one of the best yet that David has written! Great voice…great actor…really HOT video…I LOVE it! He’s got sooo much talent! Can’t wait for a new tour!

  • TrudyFOD

    Oh my gosh…David is amazing…I LOVE the video. David is pure gorgeousness. I love this song…and can’t wait for his album release. David needs to do another solo tour after his album is released!!!! This is really a great video and I love the close up shots of David’s eyes :) and the single is available on iTunes now.

  • Patty

    OMG……Just wonderful Video!!!! David did it again!!!! I love it!!! :)

  • juls10

    Great video! So youthful and fun!!

  • fan

    love it, love everything David does!

  • cas

    Wow! Does this guy have the whole package or what – great voice, great song and so good looking. Love this video.

  • anonymous


  • Katheryn

    There’s a whole lot to love about this video. I love the mature, edgier David and the vignettes with their uplifting themes. David is a great storyteller, and his role as narrator works out great. I had to watch the video several times in order to catch all the details since I found it very difficult to focus on anything other than David!

  • lessha

    Love the video. I can’t stop watching. Makes me want to dance, not to mention David is one fine looking man now!!! This video has everything.

  • lct

    Wow, I’m really loving the video! The video managed to represent David in a more mature light. Gosh is he handsome and mature! He has grown into a young man who is very appealing beyond words! As for his singing, we all know he nails it each time! It was simply done with taste to represent his age and not some video with pyro techicis and stunts – just his talented voice (oh and looks)!

  • erine

    some videos need pyro & stunts to match the hard-hitting beat. this song does not need them because it does not have a hard punch.

  • Sandy

    Oh my gosh, I agree with you about being distracted. I kept focusing on his eyes, and amazing “lips” and would forget to listen tot he song!! hahahahaha

  • cassidy

    Love the video, love the song and most of all love David! He has grown into one hot tamale!! He looks all grown up and gorgeous!!

  • violet4ever

    I love all of the moving forward in the beginning, and then David moving from outside the party, to the edge, to right in the middle of it all. Great message too, and he looks good :)

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