‘So You Think You Can Dance’: AdeChike Is Eliminated And Kent Forgets He’s On TV

On Wednesday night, AdeChike was all waterworks when he told us how much this SYTYCD experience had meant to him. Yet upon hearing that he would not be moving forward to the final round—or as it should be called “Not Coming In Third To Kent”—Chike seemed completely at peace that it was his time to go. See our theory as to why not winning was the best thing to happen to AdeChike, as well as the special performance from last night’s penultimate results show that left us mesmerized.

Hearing Kent adorably forget that producers had not yet cut to commercial last night just reminded us of how much we’ve grown to love this scrappy little group of dancers and how sad we’ll be to bid farewell to Season 7 next week. But onto the highlights from last night we must go!

The night opened with a group Contemporary routine choreographed by Dee Caspery to Florence And The Machine. Loved it!

Janelle Monae performed her hit “Tightrope” along with some tightroping back up dancers. When she sings to “dance up on them haters”, we couldn’t help but thinnk that good advice that could have come earlier in the season for AdeChike.

Far and away our favorite performance from last night came from Desmond Richardson and his incredible dance to the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil”.

Then Flo Rida performed “Club Can’t Handle Me”—also known as “The Song We’ve Been Hearing Over And Over Again Through Out This Entire Episode”. It was used in the National Dance Day recap AND the Step Up 3D trailer! The club might not be able to handle you, Flo Rida and after three times in one episode we’re not sure we can handle hearing this song again for a while.

And finally the moment of truth had arrived. AdeChike would be going home and Robert would be moving on to the final round.

AdeChike gave a tearless goodbye. He seemed to have accepted his fate. We think he has no reason to be sad his SYTYCD journey has ended and here’s why: This week SYTYCD had already made AdeChike’s ultimate dream come true: to study and dance with Desmond Richardson. Watching Desmond perform last night was like jumping in a time machine and watching AdeChike perform 15 years from now. For dancers there really is no downside to being on the show. While you might not walk away with the title of America’s Favorite Dancer, you’ve basically auditioned for everyone in the industry on national television week after week. And, let’s face it, that will last you a lot longer than $250,000 (before taxes). We think that after last night’s show, Desmond pulled Chike aside and said, “Listen, you have amazing potential. This is a great thing you didn’t win, because now you’re not tied up in any SYTYCD contractual agreements or anything. So go—go off and do your SYTYCD obligated tour and when you get back you’re coming to study under me.” Or at least that’s how we imagine it.

Does Season 7 hold any more surprises for us next week? Is there anyway Kent isn’t walking away numero uno? Tell us what you think below.