Alex Gardner Is “Feeling Fine” In His Sunny New Video, But Is He Losing His Voice?

When we featured Alex Gardner as our very first Popping Up artist back in January, the young Xenomania protege was still months away from the release of his debut single “I’m Not Mad” in the UK. All this time later we still don’t have an full album from Alex in our hands, but his second single “Feeling Fine” is scheduled for a September release. Catch the video, which was shot in Spain, after the jump.

We’re clearly fans of Alex, who has demonstrated that he’s full of  blue-eyed soul. But that said, “Feeling Fine” isn’t exactly a great showcase for those vocals.

There’s a sampler containing five of Gardner’s tracks that has been doing the rounds since February, and on it is the sad, sweeping “Heartbreak.” The emotion in his vocals shines through, and Xenomania did a smashing job of creating the right sound bed of melancholy for the tune. Now that would have been a choice for a second single.

Nice car in the “Feeling Fine” video, though.