Snoop Dogg Gives The Old Spice Guy A Run For His Money

Becky Bain | August 6, 2010 - 12:30 pm

Many think Snoop Dogg may be jacking the Old Spice Guy’s style by posting video responses to his Twitter followers (the famous ones, at least), but Snoop isn’t ripping-off anybody. “Been doin these vids long before the old spice guy jacked my swagger,” tweeted the hip hop legend. “Keep a close watch we just gettin started!”

Sure, Snoop is doing this mostly to promote his compilation album My #1 Priority, but the Old Spice Guy was promoting Old Spice and that didn’t stop anybody from enjoying his videos. To check out Snoop’s best @reply vids (to Britney Spears and more), jump below:

To @britneyspears:

To @alyankovic, whom he calls “Weird Al Yanko-bitch!” (FYI, Weird Al tweeted back to Snoop’s request to work together again, “I’m ready, Snoop!”)

To @MCHammer (which includes a Snoopified Hammer dance!):

Check out more over at Buzzfeed or at Snoop’s YouTube channel.

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