Snoop Dogg Gives The Old Spice Guy A Run For His Money

Many think Snoop Dogg may be jacking the Old Spice Guy’s style by posting video responses to his Twitter followers (the famous ones, at least), but Snoop isn’t ripping-off anybody. “Been doin these vids long before the old spice guy jacked my swagger,” tweeted the hip hop legend. “Keep a close watch we just gettin started!”

Sure, Snoop is doing this mostly to promote his compilation album My #1 Priority, but the Old Spice Guy was promoting Old Spice and that didn’t stop anybody from enjoying his videos. To check out Snoop’s best @reply vids (to Britney Spears and more), jump below:

To @britneyspears:

To @alyankovic, whom he calls “Weird Al Yanko-bitch!” (FYI, Weird Al tweeted back to Snoop’s request to work together again, “I’m ready, Snoop!”)

To @MCHammer (which includes a Snoopified Hammer dance!):

Check out more over at Buzzfeed or at Snoop’s YouTube channel.