Review Revue: Critics React To Kanye West’s “Power” Video

Kanye West’s eye-popping 102-second “Power” video premiered on MTV last night, and, in a way, seems to prove that 10-minute epics like “Telephone,” “Alejandro” and “Born Free” aren’t necessary to get tongues wagging. Case in point: the Internet as a collective had plenty to say about West’s Marco Brambilla-directed clip. So this led us to round up some of the more interesting observations about ‘ye’s latest spectacle. Read the critics’ assessments about “Power” below!

Kanye West Power 1:: MTV Buzzworthy‘s Chris Ryan enthuses that “the world is just more fun when Kanye West is an active participant and character in our lives. Love him, hate him, or both, he is truly one of the most enigmatic, charismatic, vulnerable, venerated, egotistical and loveable musicians to come along in generations.”

:: Wall Street Journal‘s Speakeasy says, “The clip has the feel of a slow-motion Roman orgy, with West being the Caesar at the center, rows of ionic columns stretching out behind him. And then, 90 seconds into the song, that’s it. Painting gone. You have to hope there will be an extended version to see soon.”

:: Urlesque jokes (we think), “Besides being artistically innovative, the video is a perfect glimpse of how Kanye sees the world all the time. When he walks into Rite Aid or wherever, you can be sure that in his head he’s surrounded by columns and getting air-fived by the very hand of God.

Kanye West Power 2:: Kanye’s clip, however, left The Atlantic with a big question mark. “The ‘video’ for Kanye West’s single ‘Power’ debuted last night after Jersey Shore, and no one quite knows how to describe it.”

:: “Power” had the Dallas Observer wondering, “Could Kanye be launching a new era, where music videos serve as trailers for entire songs, rather than simply visual accompaniment? Maybe.”

:: New York Daily News notes the tie-in of the video’s premiere with the newest Jersey Shore episode: “In a Michael Jackson-esque move, Kanye West turned the debut of his ‘Power’ music video into a bona fide TV event.” The publication then goes on to note Kanye’s lead-up promotion of the clip on Twitter: “It seemed as if West, speaking in his usual self-centric riddles, was plugging his video as a work of art and trying to make it into something more than it was. And he wasn’t kidding this time.”‘

Kanye West power 3:: NPR sums the 100-second extravaganza up by stating, “Perhaps more self-aware than he is given credit for, once again, Kanye puts himself in the center of the frame, commanding attention rather than acceptance.

:: HitFix cracks, “Kanye West put on a crown for ‘Jesus Walks,’ so it was only a matter of time before he ascended into heaven… It’s all a little weird, a little funny, and under two minutes long. ”

:: Finally, That Grape Juice raves, “Without a doubt this is one of the best productions of the year. There is nothing else to say… Sidebar: If this does not get the Illuminati theorists buzzing then nothing else will!”

  • Tyse

    Dude, I don’t care if it’s a ‘painting’….it was TOO. FKN. SHORT. Where’s the rest of the song?! Disappointed…

  • Gaga Fan

    Go out and check this sexy site of all gaga… Kayne bite your tounge

  • 5m0k30n3@twitter

    Kanye and his team did a remarkable job. This is art at its best. My hat goes off the the man. he never fails to amaze. DO WORK Mr. West!

  • Alisha L. Gordon

    I too wrote a blog on Kanye’s video that Necole Bitchie and other sites have featured. Check it out here:

    I’d love some feedback, comments, and possibly a view from Kanye himself!

  • Johnathan Teflong Jon Smith

    Kanye i think you are a amazing artist….yes i said artist….a lot of rappers or pop stars in the music industry are stuck in one genre…but you continue to show that you can make music for all type of people. Like Chris Ryan said on his review you make the world more fun… influencing music …fashion… tv…and just keeping it real. Cant wait for the tour to come to Houston for this new album.

  • Johnny Yoko

    i saw the makin of power….the makin was better but i love the fact that the video reminded me of god of war and that someone doing a painting/video is something epic….i no it cudve been more but a painting video is great creativity

  • Justin

    Kanye is on his A game….holla at the KING. :)

  • blackjohnnyboy8

    (i’m french) I took a snapshot of this video, actually it’s my new wallpaper. This is what i call real ART. It’s like Leonard De vinci himself made this video.

  • King O

    If you follow Kanyes music his lyris and videos you actually see what he’s goin through. Remember in Jesus walks he had said it was symbolic of the music industry I.e. the men in shackles being watched over by guards. Then he dropped the verse They say you can rap about anything but Jesus. Fast foward to the cold winter video it show cases a woman in white running from guys dressed in black. At the end of the video the woman falls of the cliff into hands formed out of the darkness. Push foward to the next Kanye video where he cuts himself open to reveal a puppet inside him. And look at the lyrics to his new song power where he says there’s a struggle for his inner child he’s trying to maintain custody while looking down at his diamond encrusted Jesus piece. Kanye is trying to convey a message people ain’t hearing it.

  • blackjohnnyboy8

    (i’m french) Kanye is smart. He knows what he is doing. I can tell you right now : his next album gonna break selling records around the world just because of this smartly oriented video.

  • lola

    Why are so many popular musicians using the SAME symbolism in their videos. Kanye didn’t make up anything new. He pulled from very old symbols that have dark occult meanings. Check things out before you say it’s just art – Horus, sword of damocles, Baphomet, Mason initiations with twin columns, sword of damocles, pyramids, etc.

    here’s a video of a few musicians actually saying they sold their souls to the devil. Ask yourself why anyone would say this

  • Freeno


  • Freeno

    YOUTUBE kanye sells his soul… and its right there. people we are fighting for our lives here. wake up!
    i appreciate your comment!

  • Ionwaffle

    Now when I listen to 21st Century Schizoid Man all I will be able to think about is this talentless moron with an ego bigger than Jupiter. Thanks for ruining the little bit of non manufactured music I had left.

  • Hartfield

    you can always say that Kanye West is a good singer but he will never be as good as michael jackson “:*

  • Wooleateliz

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