Kanye West To Drop Album This November, Possibly Preparing A Longer “Power” Vid

Aug 6th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Kanye held a fan Q&A from Korea on his UStream channel this afternoon, and dropped some interesting nuggets of info concerning his next album, possibly expanding his “Power” video, and when we can expect to hear new tunes. “I’m bout to get on to answer questions and chip away at my mystique one humanizing question at a time,” the rapper tweeted. (Before you roll your eyes, West followed it up by adding: “LOL It’s a joke.”) Details below!

Rap-Up was kind enough to provide some deets from Kanye’s video fan chat, including:

:: His fifth, as-yet-untitled album will drop “sometime in November,” which means the release date of September 14 just went from bloated to empty, with David Archuleta and Kid Cudi also bailing on that Tuesday.

:: Kanye originally wanted to create a 30 to 40-minute piece as the video for “Power”—and he still might. “This is not the full re-creation ’cause I still might want to do that,” said West.

:: His new album, that he says he wants to be a “masterwork”, was inspired by Alexander McQueen (how Gaga of him), and James Cameron’s Avatar.

:: His next single will drop at the end of August, and it will either be “Lost in the World” or “All of the Lights.”

:: His favorite music video that he’s done? The also-relatively-short Spike Jonze-directed “Flashing Lights,” which features Kanye being bludgeoned to death with a shovel while tied up in the back of a car.

We’re bummed we have to wait an extra two months to hear Kanye’s new album, but with the Internet being what it is, we suppose we’ll be hearing it sooner than later.




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