Erykah Badu Keeps The Controversy Rolling With Rick Ross In Her Latest Video

After Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video, the Texas singer seems to have changed her middle name to Controversy. Her follow-up—a sequel to the previous video—is a remix of “Window Seat” combined with “Take Me Away (Get Munny),” which employs teflon don Rick Ross not only for some rapping, but also some late night criminal activity. Watch the fave’s latest video below.

In the clip, Ross picks Badu up outside a Dallas prison, where she apparently wound up after her striptease in “Window Seat.” The pair then switch cars and gear up to knock over a check-cashing store. The last thing we see is the two of them walking into the establishment with stockings over their heads and guns in their arms. Shots are fired as the ominous words “To Be Continued” appear.

The Dallas Observer‘s DC 9 At Night blog likens Badu and Ross to “a modern day Bonnie and Clyde of sorts.” And the clip is certainly jarring.

So are you feeling the “Window Seat (Remix)/Take Me Away (Get Munny)” video as a follow-up to “Window Seat,” or is it just a bid to keep the controversy ball rolling?