Andre 3000 Says “I Do” On New Mixtape Track

As much as we’re digging Big Boi’s recently released solo album, but we’re still wanting more from his OutKast other half. Slowly but surely, more tracks from Andre 3000 are rising to the surface. The hip hop star came back in a big way after a several-years-long hiatus with the delightful Beatles cover “All Together Now,” and now we’ve got the new flirty R&B track “I Do”, compliments of the upcoming Evil Empire Limelight Exclusives mixtape. Snippet of the song below.

Andre 3000 – “I Do”

Andre 3000 – I Do (No Tags) by Hypetrak

This sexy lil track opens quite dramatically with a horn section blaring on a 60s sample, then Andre comes in, detailing his love for his sweetie.

We’re not totally feeling this tune, which sounds mostly like any R&B track out there today, but that’s because we know the uber-creative Andre is capable of much more. What say you?

  • fin

    please, this track is fuego

  • Tomi

    it’s not his finest…but i like it anyhow. Sometimes ya just gotta do what you do, run with it and just enjoy yourself. Sounds to me that’s all he’s doing on this and, who am i to rain.

    I like Andre and, i like what he does.

  • Polly

    love it! what u talkin’ about???

  • Ruben

    Andre your the man. Let me know know when that new album is dropping bc I’m ready to cop it. Sick samples too. Who made the beat?

  • J.L.

    Andre is timeless. A legend. & I love the fact that he doesnt even have to go so so hard anymore. He’s free to just create and this song, I absolutely digg it. <3

  • dugeyd

    greatness as usually waiting for the whole thing to surface