Cody Simpson Professes His Love At The Teen Choice Awards

Cody Simpson wasn’t a winner at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards (airing tonight at 8 p.m.), nor was he even nominated. But that didn’t stop the 13-year-old Australian pop pipsqueak from partaking in the fun on the red carpet at the event yesterday. Decked out in a white button-down shirt, Cody popped off his shades and professed his love for Tiger Beat magazine via a handheld sign. Keep playing your cards right, Cody, and you could wind up hosting the TCAs next year.

  • isabella

    Heyy babes i am gossiping from the Gold Coast my home town and to see how much it has changed since Cody Simpson came around is amazing now i am even i love with Cody he looks like a true Aussie coastii and i really would like to meet him name one 13yr gall that wouldn’t but i think if he ever comes back to the gold coast even just to visit he will meet me and i will greet him everyone says he is the Aussie Justin Bieber but he is so much more than just some 13yr pop singer his an idol and an insperation to so any people out in the world, but don’t get me wrong JB is still kool but there is so much more to life than teenage pop singers they are still both talented and very very hottttt!!! but they are probs really nice and generous and have a mind of there own and aren’t up tight low lifes and are both confident wen coming to galls and others but they are more then that in my eyes and probs in others eyes as well.

    p.s you have beautiful eyes (Cody Simpson)

    l o v e from: urs and only Bella-Wella-Stella
    love ya

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    u r so hot

  • http://codysimpsonlovethingsabouthim yasi burmeister

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  • mikela

    cody simpson is so cute i got to see him

  • http://sss sofia

    he girls go to justin cody is to me and i have hé’s msn i swwer ; stupid girls

  • tyriel

    heyy wats up cody u r so cute with ur shirt off u should follow me on twitter so we can talk more bye cutiepie

  • tyriel

    rite on

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