Christina Aguilera Serenades A Chair In “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” Clip

Aug 11th, 2010 // 7 Comments

Still doubting the magnificent cinematic piece of genius that is Burlesque, the eventual Best Picture Oscar winner of 2010? Well, doubt no more—after the jump, watch Christina Aguilera perform a loud-and-proud cover of Etta James’ “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” from the Burlesque soundtrack. We’re taking it this clip is an actual scene from the film, and if it is—hoo boy, it’s going to be a long night at the movies.

Christina Aguilera – “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”

Christina’s voice is, as usual, amazing, and performing bombastic hits from the past is really where Aguilera seems most in her element.

But as either a music video or a scene from a movie… could they not have given Xtina anything else to do except flimsily shimmy in a room and sing into a microphone? Do the producers of Burlesque understand that a movie is not a concert and something else needs to happen to keep the audience’s attention throughout an entire song? You know, like, having her enter another room and flimsily shimmy in there for awhile, at the very least?


  1. What’s Ur Eff problem People seriously?

    Let the movie first be released and then you can say whatever u wanna say…
    Objectiveness hurt nobody

    And I am Not A Fan (imagine that)

  2. Kendall Sinclair

    ive watched this like 20 times already (literally) and i can’t get enough. and its not cliched or boring either. whoever wrote that (Becky Bain) needs to get frickin glasses and a hearing aid. i agree with iSoccy (even though he/she isnt a fan). i’d like to hear you belt out notes like that Becky, before you judge Christina !

    • I noted that her voice sounded great, so at least I don’t need a hearing aid! The criticism is really for the filmmakers, since it wasn’t Christina’s idea (we’re assuming, anyway) to have an entire sequence of a movie musical take place in a room with absolutely nothing else going on.

  3. John

    WOW!!! it’s amazing, and why the hell do you want something else in it?? The only fact that legend Christina Aguilera is there and her magnificent voice makes this a great video, besides you can see that it’s a part from the movie, where she is dreaming of performing in a stage and singing for a crowd, that’s the whole point of the emptiness of the place, where she is alone and day dreaming of a performance and then comes to reality at the Burlesque Club.

    Christina Aguilera is Amazing i am always Amazed of what she can accomplish, i am so proud of being a fan.


  4. Jh

    Her voice is ridiculously amazing. That alone was enough to make my jaw drop. Shouldn’t singers be able to entertain people with just their voices anymore? Only today where people have to dress in Halloween costumes to get people to pay attention to them, would someone even try to pass that off as boring. This was awesome. Can’t wait for this movie to come out.

  5. levin

    Christina Aguilera is really amazing she deserves better! She deserves number 1

  6. Toni

    Oh Becky Becky Becky this remark comes with no ‘hate’ but it is unfortunate that folks with your thinking are writing with no clue when their are soo many talented writers that have musical knowledge worth reading. There is a matter of opinion or there is simply having good taste. In this case the latter was missing.

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