YouTube User (Sort Of) De-Sexes And De-Snoops “California Gurls”

Despite Vulture doing an astoundingly thorough slide show of the Dos and Don’ts Of Parodying “California Gurls” on YouTube, they somehow missed this absolute treasure—a straight forward cover by Nichole337. Granted, it’s not exactly a parody. But it’s noteworthy because the peppy chanteuse manages to defiantly omit not only the word “sex,” but also Snoop Dogg’s entire rap. (All other intact innuendo seems to have gone over her head, though.) Instead, she chooses to just wobble back and forth joyously during the West Coast rapper’s rhymin’. And as for Nichole’s vocals—well, let’s just say Katy Perry doesn’t have anything to worry about. Marvel below!

[Via Buzzfeed]