50 Cent Channels Mel Gibson And Gives Shyne A Verbal Beatdown

While promoting his upcoming Def Jam album Guess Who via a Ustream conference call, Shyne was pranked by none other than Twelve star/fellow rapper 50 Cent. Lucky for us, Mr. Curtis Jackson decided to film his shenanigans. Head below to watch him pretend to be a radio DJ and then ask Shyne what his problem with 50 Cent is, before letting loose with his own Mel Gibson-style rant on the Belizean hip hop artist over the phone. (Warning: NSFW)

Part we can’t stop replaying: when someone (doesn’t sound like Shyne) on the conference call mentions that Rick Ross is “the hottest artist at this particular time,” and 50 begins furiously punching the dial-in code.

50 Cent Shyne conference call Rick RossSecond hottest part: 50 Cent turning to the camera: “His music sucks. You heard that shit?”

If this all turns out to be a joke that Shyne was in on, we’ll be sorely disappointed.

[Video via Rap-Up.com]