Katy Perry + Christina Aguilera x Uma Thurman = Madonna

Aug 12th, 2010 // Comment

Hey, look—we’re all for borrowing in pop music. It gives us some fun detective work to do, after all. Or, as with the case of Katy Perry’s “Circle The Drain” single art, MTV’s Buzzworthy did the sleuthing. It’s a look, the blog notes, that shares qualities with Christina Aguilera’s artwork for “Not Myself Tonight”: “Their music couldn’t sound more different these days, but we do find it interesting to see Katy rocking the disco dominatrix look so hard.” We also see a few other influences whipped (ahem!) into the future Mrs. Brand’s outfit. Peek at them below!

Buzzworthy‘s naughty Katy and Xtina side-by-side…

Katy Perry Circle The Drain Christina Aguilera Xtina Bionic Not Myself Tonight

…is also having us see shades of Madonna in “Open Your Heart” and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

Madonna Open Your Heart Uma Thurman Pulp FictionGranted, we could probably go on…

Eve Ensler…and on…

Madonna Human Nature…and on.

Madonna justify my love


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