Shyne Responds To 50 Cent’s Mel Gibson-esque Conference Call Tirade

50 Cent isn’t only one who can go off on a rant on video. After Curtis rang in to Shyne’s Ustream conference call earlier this week and let the newly-signed-to-Def-Jam rapper have it, Shyne has posted a NSFW response clip of his own. Have a watch after the jump.

As Shyne tells it, he had no clue it was 50 calling in to give him grief. “I don’t listen to nothing he do,” he states.

Later Shyne explains, “I thought it was just maybe somebody, you understand, having a bad day that wanted to know about the situation. And it wasn’t until after everything was finished, muthafuckers at Def Jam was like, ‘Yo—that was Boo Boo. That was Hawaii 5-0’.”

Boys, boys—so much wasted time. Why not put all that energy into some actual new music?

Well, then again, it probably won’t be long before someone takes these two video tirades and does something like this with them.

[Via Rap Radar]

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