Donna Summer Goes “To Paris With Love” On New Single

Fall isn’t here yet, and so dance floor queen Donna Summer has teamed up with writer Bruce Roberts (who co-wrote the Donna and Barbra Streisand classic “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)”) and producer Peter Stengaard for one more jam to twirl to before the sunny days slip away. Check out the dreamy “To Paris With Love” after the jump.

“To Paris With Love” comes packed with remixes from Wictor Mysliwiec and Michal Bojanowic, Eddie Amador, Craig Christensen, Jonathan Mendelsohn, DJ DLG and Automatic Panic, and The Prophet Blog comically declares that Donna “is back and ready to snatch wigs.”

Well, the song is kind of chill. Maybe she’ll be snatching hair bows, instead.

“I wanted to give my fans something special and exciting for the summer, and I couldn’t think of a better theme than the glamour and allure of Paris,” says Summer on her official site. “I want people to feel transported, whether they’re listening on the dance floors of Ibiza or on their headphones at work. The idea is to let them escape into that magic world.”

“To Paris With Love” is available now on iTunes.