Cascada’s New Song “Night Nurse” Is A Real Monster

After releasing dance jams that sound like cheap attempts at copying Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” (“Evacuate The Dancefloor”) and “Poker Face” (“Pyromania”), German act Cascada are back with “Night Nurse,” which resembles Gaga’s “Monster.” (Hey, at least they moved on from The Fame to The Fame Monster!) Get your nocturnal meds below.

[wpaudio url="" text="Cascada - Night Nurse" dl="0"]

We’ll give Cascada points for sounding a bit more original with “Night Nurse” than previous songs. Of course, it’s probably all down to the fact that “Monster,” which this one has an uncanny resemblance to, was an album track and not a single we’re used to hearing in heavy rotation on the radio.

And you have to wonder if Grace Jones is now, in turn, thinking that that Cascada are third-party imitators of herself?

But really, we’re just looking forward to hearing how they go about tackling “Telephone” and “Alejandro.” We’re in a generous mood, so here are a few pointers to help you get started, Cascada.

  • Heather

    How did I know that would sample Gregory Isaacs?

  • RYK101

    hmm i hate when media idolizes gaga, she’s not the center of the universe and she didn’t create dance music, the beats gaga has used in her songs have been used by other artist before and after here

    she’s not original recycling the same beat, and actually i find cascada’s songs more enjoyable, and this new song doesn’t remind me of monster in any way

  • Ronn

    I honestly don’t think they are that similar. And while I love and adore Gaga, like RYK101 said, she’s not totally original herself.

  • LMG

    no one is totally original anymore. she justs makes herself more weird each day so that she seems original. crazy is crazy people.

    besides, I haven’t heard Gaga’s ‘Monster’ so have no comparision to make and because of that I kinda like this

  • Dylan

    Um, these songs don’t even sound similar…. But i prefer the Cascada song just because I’m kinda sick of hearing Gaga all the time. I can see why you compared Pyromania to Poke Face, but this doesn’t even sound like any gaga song I’ve herd, including monster.

  • Rianna

    Cascada does NOT copy Gaga. Just because Gaga’s songs fall under dance/techno doesn’t mean that genre IS Gaga. And they DON’T even sound similar so it’s not a sensible accusation that Cascada is copying Gaga. The world does not revolve around Gaga, stop comparing artists with her. Dance/techno genre isn’t essentially JUST Gaga. Many other artists rock so much better than her anyway.
    And yeah, it isn’t the old style Cascada, but one must keep up modernisation these days, no? That’s one way and effort to get people listening to her music. XP
    Don’t you be dissin Cascada, she rocks.

  • lalala

    Cascada was the original techno/trance/electro-pop queen. She uses similar beats from actual techno/trance songs but just sings to them with her lyrics. She was just never a freak like Gaga. Gaga is suuuch a wannabe. Trying so hard to be different and all – NOT COOL!

  • Andrea

    LMAO. Robbie Daw it looks like you tried to jump on the “Cascada rips off of Lady Gaga again” train before anyone other news sites but failed miserably. I can totally understand why this site is called “idolator” because you idolize what the media does… Lady Gaga. What you fail to understand is that Cascada came WAAAAY before Lady Gaga and was and still is recognized worldwide as a top dance act. Then Lady Gaga came and everyone became obsessed with her and when Cascada came with Evacuate the Dancefloor the accusations began… why don’t you take a look at the Just Dance music video compared to what Gaga does now. At first she was just another newbie pop star lost in the mix of the music world, using seduction and revealing clothes to get attention. Then she decided that she wanted to be a freak and changed all of her videos just to maintain her false image of “artsy cool-dressing freaky” person and everyone idolizes her like she’s God. But all she is is a wanna-be “unique” artist when all of what she appears to be is totally false. At her beginning Lady Gaga was just a classier version of Kesha, singing about crap like waking up at a party drunk and having no clue what’s going on. But I’m sure you’re thinking, “But listen to her songs! They are brilliant!” What are you talking about? All she has to do is sit down at a table for 15 minutes and make up some BS that has no meaning and makes no sense and pretend like, “Oh, it represents what I was going through when guys were creeped out by my bisexuality.” LIKE WTF?! And everyone believes it! The only thing keeping Gaga from being dismissed as just another pop artist is her “creepiness” and so-called “amazing” lyrics when they’re really just a load of BS. Cascada on the other hand has made no attempts to outdo themselves (something that Gaga always tries to do just to stay relevant) and continually impresses the world with their original songs. Unfortunately its uninformed journalists like you that have to agree with everything the media says so that people will read their stuff. Why don’t you try to be like Gaga and do something totally out of the ordinary just to get some attention? It seems to be working for her, maybe it will work for you. Monster and Night Nurse have absolutely NO similarities at all, I might have given it to you on a good day with Pyromania, but Night Nurse? What a load of crap. Get real you stupid typical journalist. This is total BS. Night Nurse is an amazing song and you are just nervous knowing that it will probably do well when it’s officially released.

  • Clay

    Natalie Horler (aka Cascada) is for starters way more attractive than Lady Gaga, anyone can see that. She dresses a lot classier to.

    But what I dont get is why people say Nat ripped of Gaga, Miracle, her first single, came out in 2004, 4 or 5 years before Gaga burst onto the scene. Everytime We Touch came out in 2007, and became Cascadas biggest hit till Evacuate the Dance Floor.

    Gaga does get more publicity due to the shock value of her videos, what she wears, things like that. It all overshadows her music

    Cascada is a dance act and they have been at the top of the Dance acts for year, they never copied Gaga, pretty much in fact its the other way around. Nat doesnt get the attention like Gaga cause shes not weird.

    Who also declared Gaga the first Dance act anyways and made it sound like shes the one everyone looks up to

  • Ryan

    Oh NO, its back :(
    Started off by doing cheap covers & in so doing destroyed classic songs.
    Now it seems the untalented & unoriginal German drag act has got a copy of GaGa’s album is copying it?
    Cascada (Horler) is GaGa wannabe who will never be.
    The only ones who can’t see it are the musically challenged who therefore adore dross like Chavcada.

  • CeCe


    Cascada is easily a 10000x better singer than GaGa will EVER be!

  • Clay


    Forget continent, Cascada is from this planet, Lady Gaga is not from Earth

  • Hoa Otsuka

    I’m not a huge Who fan, but think they have made some excellent albums. This is just the best of the lot for me…

  • Dion Zalk

    who’s next is my obvious winner.

  • Henriette Hatchett

    With a couple of obvious exceptions, I always thought the Who weren’t much of an album group compared with their peers. Perhaps that’s why “Meaty, Beaty”, and “Live at Leeds” are so popular.

  • CeCe

    and to top it off, German music is better than American music anyways :P
    Ich liebe Deutsche musik…und Cascada…:D

  • Maru

    You’re soooo stupid! this not real song

  • Rianna

    To those of you saying Cascada is a Gaga rip-off, let’s get this straight. Cascada came WAAAAAAAAAY WAY WAY WAY before Gaga. They’re different. Face it, ladies and gentlemen. Gaga isn’t everything. It’s not WHAT MAKES YOU LIVE. It’s just a GODDAMN SINGER with too many fans – though some of them, unfortunately, are pretty much lunatics. Cause they’ll call whoever else in the dance world as a GAGA RIP-OFF. -.- Jerks. Gaga, look what you’ve done.

  • matt

    i have herd monster a cople of times and this sound NOTHING LIKE IT and cascada is way better the lady gaga. lady gaga is like a horror movie only watching for the shock factor. i have a question for everybody who like gaga if you knew that a rival compny came out with a product that might be simaler to your would you hold off to see if it suck or rocks.

  • Alex

    Cascada THE BEST!!!

  • Andrea

    WOOT WOOT I was featured on the Reader Comments!!

  • Tony

    god whoever wrote this needs to get there head out of lady gaga’s a**, seriously there music doesnt even sound the same who ever wrote this needs a gd slap across the head

  • Nico

    Robbie Daw are you normal? because any normal person will tell you that Night Nurse sound nothing like Monster. Come on tell us one similarity. I dare you. What music knowledge do you have? Have you even heard Night Nurse? No, because you rely on hearsay. This accusation is made by some weird Gaga freak on his/her Blog, now the whole world is speculating about it.

    You write this crap so you would probably also know it is reported that Night Nurse is a demo and not the album version.

    Lady Gaga should take her little monsters and go jump into the Atlantic ocean. Or she must try and wear her fans. That would make a really interesting outfit.

    You probably get paid for writing all this crap. Don’t be angry if people punch you right in the face when you walk down the street because it might just be a Cascada fan.

    Cascada ROCKS forever.

  • CeCe

    Does anyone else think that we’re (we’re as in the fans) are taking this Cascada/GaGa…rivalry…a little too far? Ok, don’t get me wrong, I’m a Cascada fan to the end, and I know that she definatly did NOT copy GaGa, but, really, does it need to get as serious as this? Everybody on the planet know that CASCADA WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER! RIVALRY! LIVE ON!!! BUT CASCADA FOREVER

  • Yo

    The one who wrote this is really idiot,
    before you talk about something, please, look for information…
    Evacuate The Dancefloor was written ONE year before GaGa was around in the music world (2008) as Natalie Horler said in an interview… And I don’t know why Night Nurse reminds you to Monster. Look, Cascada (Manian, Yannou & Natalie H) are all of them a lot more talented than Lady GaGa and all of her helpers toghether. Also, Cascada has been working a lot of ages to reach the place they are, not like GaGa, that was discovered in a brothel..

  • Ernesto

    Eres un puto gilipollas, Lady gaga no será jamás ni la mitad de buena que cascada, me has oído? JAMAS

  • DJ Cataract

    ok, how many of these people saying Gaga and Cascada sound Similar actually know a thing about music production? I don’t hear any major similarities between any of them, and if there are any odds are it’s because like 90% of other major producers, RedOne and Space Cowboy used Vengeance Samples and The ReFX nexus (Both Made By one half of Spencer and Hill, Manian’s primary house project) in the production. I like them both and Manian is sure as hell a better producer than either of the ones behind Gaga (David Guetta’s The only _Dance_ artist to ever internationally top them on downloads, and spencer and hill’s creeping up there in the DJ world) So A) quit saying they’re similar, cause unless Yanou’s taken a more active production role, there’s no way anyone’s copying anyone.

  • MartaEuropa

    Everyone brings Lady Gaga up about anything! It is SO IRRITATING. I never listen to Gaga’s ‘music’ but I have to admit… this song is a total copy…. the rest of Cascada’s songs (like Evacuate the Dancefloor and Pyromania) have nothing in common with Gaga’s ‘songs.’ But this one, starting from the beginning of the song, reminds me too much of Gaga. It’s horrible.

  • Stephanie

    I have been listening to both Cascada and Lady Gaga ever since they first made it mainstream. They do NOT sound alike whatsoever. I don’t know how you see the resemblance but none of Cascada’s songs sound similar to gaga anyways. I personally like both artists and I am not being biased, just stating what I hear in their music. I personally like Cascada better but both their styles in music are good in their own way.

  • FvckYEAH

    BAM! and so much more in crashcollision course with Britney Spear’s and so obvious with the direct impacts of Truly Madly Deeply and Last Christmas … so who gives a ‘chinga longdong’ copying or imitations?!