David Archuleta Reveals ‘The Other Side Of Down’ Album Cover

David Archuleta kicks his booted heels up on his The Other Side Of Down album cover, which was revealed today on the young crooner’s official site. “You may have seen an unofficial version of the cover around the internet, but you heard it here first folks,” says the website. “This is the OFFICIAL cover for David’s new album…” And judging by that wide smile, we’d venture to say Teen Choice Award winner Archie is anything but downhearted. Peek at the full cover after the jump!

David Archuleta The Other Side Of DownThe Other Side Of Down is out October 5. Why not go give David’s “Something ‘Bout Love” video another watch then flip through our gallery of the photogenic Season 7 Idol runner-up’s finest moments over the past two years while you wait?

But first, let us know what you think of the cover for The Other Side Of Down!

  • Brandon

    This kid has such gay face.

  • The Wycked Truth

    She looks so happy with her thighs apart, leaning back!

  • josh

    perfect for what it is.
    it is what it is.
    he’s young and talented.
    (probably way more talented than most of us reading this blog)
    and although I may not be a big fan, it’s still cool.
    he’s just doing his thing, and to that, i say… “right on.”

  • maria

    Hello?! Haven’t you people seen the interview he did in malaysia about the gay rumors? If you didn’t watch it on youtube. Right when a guy becomes famous and a lot of girls like him DOES NOT mean he is gay. You people just don’t care and make up things for no reason. In the interview he said: “my interest is in girls.” If you don’t believe me than watch it. I have been a huge fan of him since his audition and he speaks the truth and would never lie. If you became famous he would NEVER spread any rumors like that against you. And if you say “oh well his personality is weird” than guess what. That is who he is. He is a humble and sincere guy and is shy. That’s just the way he is and the way God intended him to be. He can’t change that now can he. I’m so sick and tired of people saying he is gay so guess what he is not. Like I said go watch the video and see for yourself.

  • maria

    I am an ArchAngel and proud to be one! I will NOT put up with those gay comments. David fans are very protective so watch out

  • maria

    I will say it a million times “I am an ArchAngel and PROUD to be one!” I will not stand for these gay comments. David fans are “go-getters” that is what David nicknamed us. We are very considerate of him and protective. We just don’t like it when people spread false rumors about him.

  • maria

    @the wycked truth, ummm if you haven’t noticed, David is a boy.

  • maria

    Now that I got all that off my chest I love the album cover! It is my cell phone wallpaper! Can’t wait!

  • The Wycked Truth

    @ Maria He wasn’t last night when I Archuleta’ed him faster than a migrating Aves Cyrus!

  • yeah

    @The Wicked Fag, you’re sooo gayyy…. leave David alone

  • maria

    @ The Wycked Truth, What did he do to you to make you say stuff like that? Like @yeah said leave him alone! Please respect all the hard work he does to make everyone and people like you happy. All he wants to do is sing and not have to deal with people’s gay comments cause he is not gay and said so himself.

  • The Wycked Truth

    You’re right. I’m sorry. I am bitterly unhappy so I make up terrible rumors about wonderful celebrities. Please forgive me.

  • maria

    Of course I forgive you! I just am trying to make a point to other people and whatever is making you bitterly unhappy I really hope it turns around. I wish you the best! :)

  • eyon

    This is a really really cheap album cover design. This is probably an indiciation of how much his record company is going to promote the album = not very much.

  • maria

    @eyon, its a nice and simple picture. What’s so wrong with that? Its not like Lady Gaga or all these other weirdos who go WAY overboard. Even if his record company doesn’t advertise that much, we will be the ones advertising it. David fans advertise his stuff more than the record company anyway.

  • Chris Archie

    Well Well Well, If he’s gay WHO CARES, but he is not gay, anyway, I love his boots if anyone knows that boot’s #model please send me the link or tell me the Model at:

    By the way ppl who says that David is gay, it’s bcoz they are!

  • paravelian

    hey who knows where i can buy that checkered suite he’s wearing.. =)

  • http://www.zapcheap.com/ Maryjo Tavernier

    What is an AIFF, a FLAC, and a 320kbps MP3 file? Which one should I choose?