Nicki Minaj Adds Some Needed Bounce To Trey Songz’s “Bottoms Up” Video

Let’s not mince words, folks—“Bottoms Up” is Trey Songz at his most pedestrian. The only bright spot is Nicki Minaj, here doing her umpteenth guest rap of the year (more power to anyone still able to keep a tally of all her appearances). Still, one has to wonder why the bewigged Barbie would bother with this forgettable club-banger attempt. Oh well—catch the stripper-filled, Anthony Mandler-directed video below, if you must. Yawn.

  • Trey

    Come on, now yall are just a lil bit too hard on the track. It’s not that bad.

    • Robbie Daw

      Just feel like Trey can do (and has done) much better!

  • Trey

    True, true. At least he stepped it up on the video front

  • Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    Love the song. Coulda been betta witout Nicki…. I think Trey should
    just done the song witout her. PERIOD. Thats just my opinion, also I
    think if she wasnt on the song he could have won the award at the