Snoop Dogg And The-Dream Get “Luv Drunk” In New Vid

Snoop Dogg’s new video for his track “Luv Drunk”, off his Malice ‘N’ Wonderland LP, looks like it was filmed on the same green screen as his @reply vid series. Unfortunately, we’re not as entertained by the hastily thrown together black-and-white clip—although we do have a craving for cognac after seeing Snoop shill it throughout the entire vid. Catch “Luv Drunk” below. Bottoms up!

Snoop Dogg feat. The Dream – “Luv Drunk”

The vid, featuring Snoop rockin’ an Adidas track suit and some visual effects straight out of a beginner’s computer design class, is only 90 seconds long, whereas the full track is almost four minutes. Kanye West may have started a trend of all-too brief music videos to counter the 9-minute epics that were becoming prevalent among today’s pop artists.

On the bright side, we suppose being handed a super-short music video gives us more time to rewatch Snoop’s “Oh, Sookie” clip yet again.