Kelly Rowland Is Infinitely Awesome In New Dance Jam “Forever And A Day”

Kelly Rowland dropped the second U.K. single from her solo album, the euphoric David Guetta-produced dance track “Forever And A Day.” We’re not even going to bother comparing Kelly’s single sleeve with any other pop stars, as it’s clear you guys react favorably to just about every cover art Rowland releases. So let’s get right to the song! Hear it below.

Kelly Rowland – “Forever And A Day”

Kelly Rowland- Forever and a Day by simplyme49

Damn, girl! Kelly totally rips it wide open on the chorus with her shrieking-but-not-shrill “DAAAAY!” Once again, David Guetta + Kelly Rowland = musical gold. If we’re lucky, this will also be a U.S. single, but we know how infrequently mass America takes a liking to Europop tunes.

  • Joshua

    Love, love, love it!

  • KiKi

    This is CRAZY GOOD! Props to her the jelly to her peanut butter, Mr. Guetta! She’s definitely coming into her own with this new music.

  • Cathy

    WOW! . . . WOW! l LOVE IT! I am like speechless. She is awesome. Kelly all day, every day! My favorite Destiny’s Child!

  • lily

    That voice, that voice………..damn good

  • Z

    Her voice blows me over. I don’t think anything she’s done in the past has truly showcased the power she has in her pipes. I truly hope she releases more dance tracks in the US. The world of dance is slowly opening up here from the underground to above ground. KELLY WE LOVE YOU!