Single Cover Diva-Off: Ciara’s “Speechless” Vs. Ciara’s “Gimme Dat”

For today’s Single Cover Diva-Off, we’ll be playing the Deluxe Ciara Edition—which single cover art from the hip-hop songstress tickles your fancy more, the sleek silhouette for “Speechless”, or the euphoric mania of “Gimme Dat”? Check out both sleeves behind the jump and give us your vote!

First up, take a peek at the artwork for “Speechless”—very simple, but nonetheless stunning:


Now take a look at “Gimme Dat”, which looks like it was snapped on-set of one of the Step-Up movies during a snowstorm:

Which one are you feeling more, folks? Tell us in the comments. And go buy Ciara’s album Basic Instinct, you know, whenever it actually gets released.