3OH!3 Recreate The Internet In Their Clever “Double Vision” Video

After being—to put it politely—less than thrilled at 3OH!3 and Ke$ha’s sloppy “My First Kiss” vid, we’re happily delighted with the inventive new clip from the tongue-in-cheek pop-rock group. Watching “Double Vision” is a like slowly scrolling down one long blog in real-time, and just like reading any website, the experience features classic YouTube videos and dating site ads. This one-shot vid may be the band’s best yet. Watch below!

3OH!3 – “Double Vision”

Between Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”, Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” and now the copious amount of product placement in 3OH!3′s clip, PlentyOfFish.com is definitely putting all of their marketing money into appearing in music videos. (They certainly didn’t leave any room in their budget for their website design.)

Check out the behind-the-scenes making-of of this clever one-shot vid:

  • Dan Tralder

    didn’t think I would ever like a 3oh3! video. This is really nice

  • Rob

    Plentyoffish must have brilliant marketing people. 6 months ago I had no clue what it was. I think they’re almost as popular a match.com now. Crazy

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    Very nice featured video this week guys. I want you to play some Gaga though. Check out these craziness pictures I have of her. Check my name to see them. She is hot!