Lady Gaga Begins Her Benevolent Reign Over Twitter

Sorry, Ms. Kardashian. Too bad, Ashton. And take a seat, Britney. You’ll just have to face reality: Lady Gaga is more popular than you (at least online, and at least for the moment). In fact, Gaga is more popular than anyone else on Twitter. Following a sudden surge of new followers, Gaga unseated Britney Spears to become the most-followed person on the micro-blogging service, with a following that now stands above 5.7 million. Naturally, she had something to say about it. Watch the Queen, wearing an actual Twitter crowd, wield a magic wand/disco stick, below:

Hear that? She vows “never to partake in online celebrity shenanigans.” And a review of her record shows she has used her Twitter feed for good, mostly. She tweeted guidance for fans confronting gay rights opponents, and honored the memory of her fashion muse. (Though she hasn’t always been modest about her achievements — she did inform us that her album is “the anthem for our generation”, which is a bold statement even for the world’s biggest pop star.)

But all things considered, we’re stoked for Gaga to ascend to the top spot. After all, if we’re going to elevate pop artists to positions of leadership, we could do a lot worse.

[Via YouTube]

  • Lady Gaga Tour

    I love it. Leave it to Lady Gaga to add a goofy spin on a irrelevant celebrity accomplishment. Truthfully, I’m shocked she hasn’t buried Britney and Ashton’s number of followers long ago. I mean does anyone care what Britney does anymore save when she’s shaving her head or wailing on a car with an umbrella? Don’t get me started on Demi’s floppy haired boy toy. All hail queen Gaga. May your Twitter reign on the throne be long and properous.

  • Ice Tbone

    I still don’t get twitter. But i like Lady Gaga, …Britney who?