PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Wants To Rock And Roll All Night With KISS

Aug 23rd, 2010 // 3 Comments

This past weekend, our new Queen Of Twitter, Lady Gaga treated her royal self to a KISS concert in Portland, Oregon. After rocking out, her majesty went backstage to meet up with the legendary rock band. The “Telephone” singer then uploaded the pictures to Twitter with the sassy caption “KISS the Queen”. We’re crossing our fingers that this means a KISS and Lady Gaga collab is somewhere in the works, because an interpretation of “Strutter” or “Shout It Out Loud” by the pop monster would be epic. Flip through to see who donned bigger platform boots—KISS or Gaga?


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    those plaltform shoes are bigger than her entire upper body. holy smokes.

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    A Gaga/Kiss collab would be epic! Let’s hope it’s in the works!

    Have you guys seen the new Lady Gaga Digital Edition Supplement at Billboard,com? I bought it and it was awesome!

    SO Excited for ‘Shocking’. There’s an awesome report in the Billboard Lady Gaga Digital Edition supplement, plus a ton of news! LOVE this.

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    Actually, the concert was in New York. Gaga did a show in Portland, flew to New York for the KISS show, then after partying with KISS, flew to Tacoma for another show.

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