Sky Ferreira Broadens Her Horizons On New Track “Whatcha Gonna Do”

Not content to wait until January 11, 2011 for the release of Sky Ferreira’s debut album? Then head below to hear a new party jam from the “Obsession” singer called “Whatcha Gonna Do.”

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Sky Ferreira – Whatcha Gonna Do” dl=”0″] Following the joyous electro shimmer of European single “One” and beat-driven swagger of forthcoming U.S. release “Obsession,” this new track—with its handclaps, piano, whistles and horns—finds Sky taking a more organic, instrumental approach.

“I’ll be on the next late night show, you’ll be singing woah-oh-oh-oh,” Ferreira sings on “Whatcha Gonna Do.”

She’s certainly proving that her music isn’t easily categorized into one genre. In fact, we won’t be surprised if she’s the next singer to collaborate with Kanye West. (After all, he’s apparently going to need plenty of new material.) (UPDATE: Thanks to reader Sami_Emily, who points out that Sky and Kanye have already collaborated on recently-surfaced track “Happiness Diamonds.”)

Are you feeling the party vibe on Sky’s latest track?