Enrique Iglesias Avoids Blogs To Keep His Sanity

In a new video interview, nude waterskier Enrique Iglesias admitted to MTV Buzzworthy that he has, on occasion, Googled himself. (And hopefully in doing so he saw that his single “I Like It” was voted Song Of Summer 2010 by our readers!) “The thing about the Internet, if you go on and start reading everyone’s opinion, especially now with the blogs, you’ll go absolutely nuts,” the kissable crooner said. Watch below.

Enrique continued to express caution about digging around online for info on oneself (“I feel it’s better to stay away from it. If not, it’s going to drive you absolutely crazy.”) and also discussed what it was like to record a bilingual album.

Great jacket, Enrique—in fact, you might get a kick out of our gallery of Eminem’s tracksuits over the years. (We promise, you’re nowhere to be found in the pics.)

[Video via Buzzworthy]