Watch Miley Cyrus Get Spanked

So the spanking in question comes from her mother, and it’s only two light whips from a comb Trish Cryus happens to be holding, but we know you’re still curious enough to watch it. View the clip from Miley’s Can’t Be Tamed DVD and watch the pop sensation be (barely) disciplined by jumping below.

Apparently Miley’s mom wasn’t too fond of her daughter’s knuckle-cracking habit, and jokingly smacks her on her rear end. “Do it again! Just kidding,” says Miley after getting a mini-beatdown on her derriere.

Okay, so the alleged “spanking” is kind of a letdown. But the real best part of this clip is actually near the end as Miley’s walking toward the stage for her O2 Arena concert. “Where’s my other ear?” she asks, meaning her earpiece. “I just asked where my ears were! Urr! They’re in my ears.”

Miley’s bon mots in this behind-the-scenes clip seriously give Britney’s Chaotic a run for its trashtastic money. (“They look like boobs—but they’re not. They’re my knees!” anyone?) Plus, we’d like to induct this “durr” face into our extensive gallery:

Picture 1