CollegeHumor Parodies Eminem With “I Am Afraid”

Aug 24th, 2010 // Comment

Those crazy kids from CollegeHumor are back at it, and this time they targeted the track suit-lovin’ rapper, Eminem. As in the “Not Afraid” video, “I Am Afraid” starts out on the ledge of a building—only CollegeHumor’s Slim Shady has to take a puff from his inhaler in order to get a handle on his vertigo. Like the real Eminem, this faux-rapper is not afraid to take a stand, but he is afraid of just about everything else. Fake Em’s phobias include: land sharks, aliens, attics, bees, rats and even ghost snakes. Click below for some LOL’s at the “Love The Way You Lie” rapper’s expense.

The one fear CH forgot to list is the one thing this Slim Shady should be afraid of: Eminem watching this parody video. We’re not sure he would find it quite as funny as we do.

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