Kylie Minogue Rocks ‘America’s Got Talent’

Surrounded by a group of scantily-clad dancers, Kylie Minogue surfaced from set of strategically-placed chairs on America’s Got Talent last night, cooed the greeting “Good evening, America,” then launched into her latest single “Get Outta My Way.” It was the London-based Aussie diva’s first U.S. TV performance since the release of Aphrodite last month. Watch Kylie work her little black dress and rock a set of glittery gold heels below!

Note that two things are apparent after watching this clip:

1. Kylie needs to start renting out those hot dancers.

2. She should also do a workout DVD. Just for the rear end. Because if everyone had Kylie’s butt, 97% of the world’s problems would fade away.

Next up for Minogue: a performance with Rufus Wainwright at the Watermill (New York) Center’s Summer Concert Series.

  • Dustin

    OK so Kylie was on America’s Got Talent last night singing her 2nd single from “Aphrodite” last night titled “Get Outta My Way”. First off, I have to say I really like the song and am glad it’s a single. The remixes sound great. It’s a great single and has mass commercial appeal.

    Kylie looked hot at her first US performance of her songs on Aphrodite and her look paid homage to her US “Locomotion/I Should Be So Lucky” days.

    The music video collage that played in the background was awesome. I imagine a lot of people in the United States will be querying YouTube today to watch her videos and get reacquainted with Kylie’s career.

    My problem with the performance, and I’ve said this before is simply this: she can’t sing the entire song. While that may be okay in Europe, it’s not gonna fly in the United States if she’s trying to establish herself as a serious pop act. We all know Americans are brutal with artists who lip-sync (Britney Spears, anyone?) I’m a big Britney fan, for the record. Kylie’s spent her entire career battling people who have accused her of lip-synching so I don’t know why she would sing a song live that she can’t even keep up with.

    Get Outta My Way is such a great track, why not re-edit it and slow the chorus down a tad so Kylie can sing the entire song?

    The last problem is, Astralwerks had to of paid a fortune for Kylie to appear on America’s Got Talent in an effort to what? To promote “Aphrodite” and “Get Outta My Way”. What good does that do if you can’t even find the album in US stores? I went to Target, 2 different Best Buy locations, and Fred Meyer and NONE of them had Aphrodite… and its not that they were sold out- they were not stocking it PERIOD. My local Wal-Mart had 1 copy, and a Wal-Mart 40 minutes away had 2 copies. I bought all three for friends as I downloaded mine on iTunes but if I had this much trouble finding a copy of Aphrodite, how is the A.D.D. general public who has short-term memory loss ever going to find it- unless they go online? It seems counterproductive to promote an album you cant even find in stores.

  • Travis

    Kylie’s performance was awesome! So glad she got some US TV Performance time.

    TV exposure seems to be the only way for some artists to make a mark on the US iTunes charts. Unfortunately my local radio station doesn’t really play anything new until it’s played on TV or the song charts (usually WAY after the release). Hoping it sparks some interest in “Get Outta My Way”.

    After seeing her Hollywood Bowl show, she really brings so much infectious energy; on my feet the whole show!

  • candy

    Kylie is fantastic, after all these years and everything she’s been through she still looks amazing.

  • jACK


  • In The Know

    I’ve got news for you Dustin, my Darling K is not even remotely attempting to break the US as a pop act, nor would the brain-trust at Wright’s Lane agree or fund it. Kylie is a billion dollar cottage industry in a market (the House of Europe) with a billion consumers. Her foray into the US last fall was allowed by Miles for her achieving that. The US tour was a loss leader and planned as such. Any exposure in the US is a gift to her Gay Army in the States directly from her, and much of it a tax write off to her enormous worldwide revenues.

    She slayed it on AGT, and this American Record producer sees it for what that performance was, a professional so tuned and real that she makes Katy Perry look like an awkward rehearsed girl from the local Lions Club talent show.

    There is almost no one on earth that can sell out the O2 (20,000 seats) ten nights in a row!…. But Kylie can!…………..America is an allowed indulgence and tax write off to her, and nothing else. Anyone that thinks otherwise in uninformed.

  • Craig

    I can’y make a comment in reference to availability of the Album. I do know it debuted at #19 on Billboard 200 .
    I can however correct your statement in regards to Singing Live vs Lip-Syn as the thing that has almost always been Kylie’s trademarks is that she does in fact sing live.
    I have seen her live concerts over 15 years , totalling over 20 ocassions in all and she will never mime a track under any circumstances. There may be times she has a backing track playing but it will always be her you are hearing.
    Find it interesting you say the American Market is very hard on Artists who mime considering 3 of the biggest offenders are in fact successful American women.