Cody Simpson Hints At Justin Timberlake Collaboration

When he hasn’t been off shooting cinematic fare like The Social Network, Justin Timerlake has collaborated over the years with artists like Timbaland, Beyonce, Ciara, Nelly Furtado, T.I., Snoop Dogg, The Lonely Island, 50 Cent—deep breath—Reba McEntire, Madonna, Clipse, Duran Duran and Black Eyed Peas. The next feather in JT’s cap? Cody Simpson. Well, at least that’s what the “iYiYi” pop pipsqueak hinted at recently.

Popstar Magazine was on hand at a Radio Disney gig to ask Australian teen Cody Simpson a few questions, including who he’s dying to collaborate with. “Justin Timberlake,” Cody replied. “But I might be working with him soon, so it’s a dream come true.”

Even though this possible meeting of the blond pop crooners might be more than the mind can handle (Simpson is 13 while Timberlake is 29), just remember that Flo Rida appears on Cody’s current single, and Usher and Ludacris have lent vocals to tracks by Justin Bieber.

Plus, at least Cody is well versed in the onetime *NSYNC singer’s back catalog. Here’s a 2009 video of him busting out an acoustic cover of Justin’s classic scorn jam “Cry Me A River.”