Boyz II Men’s Love Cruise To Set Sail On Valentine’s Weekend

Boyz II Men’s Love Cruise To Set Sail On Valentine’s Weekend

Boyz II Men is back again and they’re gonna be doin’ a little East coast swing on a love cruise this February. The Carnival cruise ship will leave from Miami on Valentine’s weekend and head to Nassau—wait, who cares what the itinerary is, this is Boyz II Men cruise! The trip includes everything from a concert performance by the legendary “On Bended Knee” group to a formal prom. They’ll do just about everything except make love to you. Don’t wait till the water runs dry, jump below to see everything this love boat has is offering—did we mention the Boyz will renew your wedding vows?!

According to their site, all Boyz II Men Cruise Passengers will receive:

Boyz II Men Welcome Cocktail Party
Concert performance by Boyz II Men
Additional Fan Appreciation Concert by Boyz II Men
Special Ceremony – Renew Your Wedding Vows Onboard with Boyz II Men
Singles Mixer with Boyz II Men
Photo Session with Boyz II Men in small groups
Question & Answer Session with Boyz II Men
Formal Prom Night
Poker Tournament
Deck Party with Boyz II Men & Guest DJ
Gift Bag
Other onboard drawings for exclusive Boyz II Men Event Opportunities!
Full Access to all of Carnival’s activities and facilities!
VIP Concierge at your service!

Close your eyes and make a wish, ya’ll.