Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The Kylie In This Week’s Reader Comments

This week saw some activity from American Idol alums David Archuleta (new promo pics!) and Adam Lambert (new “If I Had You” remixes!), Miley Cyrus getting spanked, Enrique Iglesias airing his thoughts on the Internet and Kylie Minogue rocking a little black dress on America’s Got Talent. Head below to see how our readers reacted to all this pop hustle!

Enrique Iglesias:: Adele felt the clothes make the man on Enrique Iglesias Avoids Blogs To Keep His Sanity: “Only one remark—Enrique please change your clothes. You look pretty of course,but go and buy more jackets and caps. I guess you like this red one too much…” [We wonder if Adele meant to slyly make reference to Enrique’s “I Like It” producer RedOne there?]

:: Dani was feeling something ’bout love on David Archuleta Teases His Arch Angels With One Last Promo Pic: “*dead* (Jive needs to post warnings with these pics) The only good thing about AI is that it gave us David!!”


:: SAM wished we’d cooked up a something different on Lady Gaga’s Alternate Vanity Fair Covers: “Who cares about Lady Gag…no talent weirdo…I want to hear more about David Cook as he is working on his 2nd album…get the scoop on that…”

Kylie America's Got Talent:: Dustin got vocal on Kylie Minogue Rocks America’s Got Talent: “‘Get Outta My Way’ is such a great track, why not re-edit it and slow the chorus down a tad so Kylie can sing the entire song?”

:: Meanwhile, LMG liked what they heard on Hurts And Kylie Minogue Team Up On Haunting Duet “Devotion”: “never heard them before so thank you very much for getting this up. i loved it”

Adam Lambert If I Had You:: And El smrtmnky had a bit of a flashback after Kylie Minogue Takes A Disco Nap In Her “Get Outta My Way” Video Preview: “reminds me more of her video for ‘slow’, as filtered through xanadu’s mural scene.”

:: Maryann LOL’d at Dangerous Muse Have A Hidden Joke In Adam Lambert’s “If I Had You” Remix: “ROTFLMAO! XD I had no idea. Thanks for letting us in on the secret… assuming it’s true, ’cause you couldn’t prove it by me.”

:: COMMENT OF THE WEEK — Finally, this week’s zinger comes from carouser, who cast some shade on Watch Miley Cyrus Get Spanked: “That the Cyruses are so keenly aware of the cameras in the video and how to work them, much less how to get their publicists to virally manipulate the blogosphere using a clip strategically edited to appear both ‘leaked’ and ‘naughty’ without showing any considerable skin is truly commendable. As is blue balling every pervert in America looking for some real Cyrus mother-on-daughter action (if only there was a punctuation mark for ‘sad puppy face’).”