Katy Perry Takes Her Sneak-Attack Campaign To Splash Bar

We expected Katy Perry to hit up the usual places (the Late Show, the Today show, etc.) to help introduce Teenage Dream to the masses. But we’ll admit it: we did not expect her to stage sneaky ninja attacks on unsuspecting fans. First she crashed a prom in Australia, and then Friday the superstar stunned the crowd at New York gay nightclub Splash by taking the stage for a kaleidoscopic show. Taste the rainbow and read our exclusive eyewitness report below.

Our pal Alex, who was on the scene for Katy’s surprise appearance, reports that Katy, who’s been doing some bar-hopping during her last few nights in New York, emerged on stage rocking a massive light-up peacock outfit, and promptly dived into a performance of cheeky single “Peacock” for the adoring crowd.

Alex says:

Perry then dropped the feathers and grabbed her rainbow-gem encrusted mic to tell the gays that, though she’d been up working since 4 AM, she couldn’t pass up on this party. The saucy songstress ended with “California Gurls” and playfully strutted around the stage as the crowd soared into pop heaven.

Give Katy this: she knows her fanbase. (You remember her very first hit, don’t you?) After the performance, she took a few minutes to pose for photos with fans before making her exit. But the night had just begun for Perry. She and her entourage were spotted partying the night away at the Standard Hotel’s hipper-than-thou rooftop bar.

Where will she strike next? (Hey Katy, need our address?)