Can Rihanna Rock Either Version Of Drake’s “I’m Ready For You”?

Two versions of a new Drake song, “I’m Ready For You”—rumored to be a reference track written for his one-time amour Rihanna—recently surfaced. Which do you prefer? Hear both of Drizzy’s musical efforts below.

This slightly futuristic, club-dance track surfaced last week:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Drake – I’m Ready For You (Version 1)” dl=”0″]

Now here’s the synthy, more R&B-styled cut, which appeared over the weekend:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Drake – I’m Ready For You (Version 2)” dl=”0″]

“I’d be excited to give you all of me / Baby come closer / I’m ready for ya,” sings Drizzy in his patented rasp. “Let my perfume soak into my sweater / Say you’ll be here soon, sooner the better.” Perfume? Okay, it’s obvious this one was definitely written for a female singer. Drake adds his own verse near the end, as expected.

The differences in each version are slight, but the beats definitely vary between these two tracks. Which track are you more into? And can you picture RiRi putting her spin on either one?

Personally we’re not feeling either one for Rihanna—there’s nothing very “Rihanna” about this mostly generic tune—but we could be convinced otherwise once hearing her vocals laid down on the track. We’d actually prefer that Drizzy keep this one for himself—or how about penning a track for his wife best pal Nicki Minaj instead?


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