Lil Kim Leaves Usher And Jay-Z’s “Hot Toddie” Remix Lukewarm

Lil Kim gets added to the mix—or rather, the remix—of Usher and Jay-Z’s Versus track “Hot Toddie.” As much as we crave the same creative spark and competent rapping Kim displayed in “How Many Licks” and her other hit songs, her contribution this time around leaves us feeling cold. Listen below.

Usher feat. Lil Kim & Jay-Z – “Hot Toddie (Remix)”

Besides Kim’s verse (which sounds like it was recorded while she was speaking into a moving fan) there’s not a huge difference between this version and the original. And the verse in question isn’t much of an improvement—there’s only so many times we can hear Kim say “touch my body” without getting bored, or wondering why we haven’t listned to Mariah Carey’s awesome song in awhile.

Whatever outlandish energy Lil Kim once had, it’s been revolutionized by the year’s most talked about female rapper (or just plain rapper, full stop) Nicki Minaj. Kim can mock her all she wants, but Nicki’s spitfire, scene-stealing verse in Kanye West’s “Monster” is all the proof you need that this woman’s headed to the top of hip-hop.

Do you agree? Or do you think Lil Kim still has it? Sound off.

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