You Decide—Which Hideous Lady Gaga Comic Book Cover Is Worse?

So, Bluewater Comics simply must be totally aware that the illustrations for its Fame series (which covers famous pop acts such as Justin Bieber, the Gleecast andLady Gaga) are absolutely wretched and barely resemble their musical subjects…. right? Right? Actually, we’ve abandoned hope. In any case, Gaga gets a sequel to her first Fame comic book, and the pop star gets two more sub-standard covers. See both drawings below, and let us know which one makes you scowl more.

First up, we’ve got the Alejandro-based cover:


It’s not too terribly offensive, except her hair looks like a mushroom. (Not a far cry from how it looked in the video, though.) Did they really need to outline the entire shape of her body in thick black ink?

Let’s move onto the more abstract, more drag queen-y cover, inspired by “Telephone”:


So according to this cover, Drag Queen Gaga discusses little more than sunglasses, crosses, teacups and hairbows while speaking on the phone. In Bluewater’s defense, we bet that’s what an actual telephone conversation with Lady Gaga is like.

Do you want to see the cover of a publication doing Gaga justice? Check out her V Magazine covers.


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