Trey Songz And Drake Offer Up “The Usual”

Trey Songz’s collaboration with Drake, “The Usual,” surfaced today, and the track is a dramatic and emotional musical exploration of the situation in the Sudan. Just kidding! It’s about sex. Did you expect anything different from the oft-shirtless wonder that is Trey Songz? We sure didn’t. Get in the mood and check Trey’s “Usual” below!

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Trey Songz feat. Drake – The Usual” dl=”0″] “I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get a little nasty,” Trey slurs at the opening of the track. No, it honestly wouldn’t be him.

He continues: “I could be more than the usual / Not your regular, tell you what, lemme touch, you’re gonna feel something unusual / I’m not gonna be with the usual.” We’re not sure most girls want to feel something “unusual” in bed, but then again, Trey lists all the places he wants to get busy—”restaurant, cinema, on the hood of the car, counter top, balcony, in the chair, on the beach”—and he never once mentions a bedroom.

We’re grooving to this 70s-sounding jam, with bells and horns blasting through the song (most certainly a sample, though we can’t pick what it is—any leads, folks?) til Drizzy (whom previously worked in the studio with Trey on his track “Successful”) comes out with his verse.

Besides the predictable horny lyrics, we’re still calling this track from Trey’s Passion, Pain & Pleasure a pleasure. How about you?

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